Our offer is addressed primarily to parents and carers of children, but not only ...

      Certainly many of you have wondered whether Child arrived safely to school, extracurricular activities, or came from a friend, colleague or from a party.

      We are parents and we know how colorful can be parental imagination and what kind of "great" ideas are born in the children minds. Therefore, instead of sedatives drugs, we suggest using our product. We hope that calm your emotions and satisfy curiosity.

      Son again playing truant, and the daughter blown off the road and went to a disco instead of to her friend? Our proposed solution will make these situations you have always under control. With our application you gain the possibility to check the location child were! An additional advantage is the option to preview the route which a child was moved.


      Our Applications, and access to the Site www.TrackYourChild.pl may also use people who want to know the location of their car or bike (where it was placed a device with a working Application).

      The product will be interested in tracking the wives and husbands :)


      Just install the program on your mobile device with GPS and the ability to send data eg WLAN, HSDPA, EDGE, etc. The application itself connects to the GPS and take a sample every 20s. Every 2 minutes a sample of the latest GPS is saved to a file. After an adjustable time (default 15min), all samples from the file are sent to the server and from that time are displayed on the Site www.TrackYourChild.pl Application screen is maximally simplified. It has the "Start" and "Options" buttons. After pressing "Start" button appear "Upload Now" and "End". The application shows the time when the last sample was taken from the GPS, or when you press the "Send Now" - from what hours the sample was sent to the server. The application has the ability to work in the "background" so you can freely use other programs (eg, answer the phone, write text messages, or browse the internet).


  1. Check whether your device will work with the Application Track your Child - a list of Android devices
  2. Register on the Website www.TrackYourChild.pl
  3. Login to the Web - Application tab
  4. Download the program to install on the device (currently supported on: Android and Windows Mobile). Link at the bottom of the Application tab. Install applications on your device, eg
    1. Method 1: With Google Play - link on the home page or after logging in to web (points. 3 & 4)
    2. Method 2: a) Make a point 3 & 4 in device's browser on which you plan installation the application (eg phone). b) Click on the link in step 4 (application will be downloaded and then installed (more details in the instructions )
    3. Method 3: a) Make a point 3 & 4 on the computer. b) From web (point 4) send mail with application installation file. c) Receive mail on the device on which you plan installation the application (eg phone). d) Click on the attachment (file). The application will be downloaded and then installed (more details in the instructions )
  5. Install the Application in a mobile device
  6. Run the program on your mobile device at a convenient time for you
  7. From now, you can follow the child route on the Web Site in Application tab

Good luck !!!


30.05.2012r. - Android new version (3.1)

Added the ability to replace icons on the map into your photos. Added support for 12/24h time format. More information at link

Application can be downloaded after log in the "Download Application" or from:

Pobierz na Google Play

17.05.2012r. - Android new version (3.0)

This time a big change in the application. Added ability to view the last location directly from the Application on the mobile device. More information at link

Application can be downloaded after log in the "Download Application" or from Google Play

07.05.2012r. - Android new version (2.6)

Another change in the Application. This time, it was adjusted to support very slow net connection. It was adapted to time changes in different time zones. More information at link

20.04.2012r. - New options on the web

Going up against your expectations, we have added a web page panel that allows easy switching between users. This functionality should help you more easily and smoothly track the locations of multiple accounts (eg track your children, car, bike and a laptop)

Description of new features can be found in the manual

01.04.2012r. - We are at the Google Play Pobierz na Google Play

In order to facilitate your access to the Application we also put it on Google Play